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Kunzel Wood Pellet Boiler

I have been reporting so many ripoff prices and cowboy activities on this blog, that it is a pleasant relief to be able to report an honest broker now and again.

Honest Broker a Definition

First let me define what I mean by an honest broker. I mean a dealer who has straight forward system of pricing and who publishes his prices clearly and simply on the Internet. Additionally, that dealers prices should fairly closely reflect the prices being charged in Germany, Denmark etc. for a similar item – allowing for the extra transport costs.

This weeks Commendation for Straight and Honest Pricing goes to: Solar Energy Ireland. The link to the site is: http://www.solarenergyireland.com/

Their only Pellet Boiler at the moment is the German make Kunzel. This is an upper market make and not cheap, it offers a fairly hi-tec option. I cannot speak for the performance of the boiler here, but the really interesting thing is that the Irish price is the same as the German price. Now that is a FIRST as far as I am concerned.


Congrats and well done to Solar Energy Ireland for 1. Clear and un-ambiguous pricing. 2. Straight talking and no Bull Sh***ing when you talk to them, or on their site, and most importantly 3. Prices the SAME as in Germany.

May I suggest to you guys that you look at some of the slightly lower tech burner-boilers on the market and handle a couple of those to suppliment your range to take in the man who cannot reach to €7404. Some of the Danish burner boiler combinations work well – and – I would like to see guys like you cover the lower end of the market also.

Good Luck!


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Bio Comfort Wood Pellet Burner Prices

In an effort to give as many comparative prices to the Irish market as possible. Here is another Pellet Burner unit with a price list directly from the Danish site.

$10,000 Question? Why dont the Irish Pellet Boiler Sellers Publish Clear and simple Price lists like the Danish and Germans?

The Burner Unit shown above is the Danish Bio Comfort. This is a very typical design of pellet burner and it looks a lot like the Scotte Burner Unit. In comes in a variety of sizes 16Kw – 24Kw – 30Kw – 40Kw – 60Kw and 80Kw.

Above is a screen print of part of the Danish Price list for the Bio Comfort Burner Unit. The 16Kw unit with a 2 meter auger unit is priced at 13,500Dk plus tax. In Euro thats €1810 plus VAT €2190 incl. VAT.

You can do your own maths for the other sizes. The site that sells these units is: http://www.biovarme.dk/biocomfort.asp

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Hey Thanks for all the Support!

Can I ask a favour in return? Please – Please copy a link of this blog to as many people as you can think of – and ask them to pass it on too.


Keep the faith!

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Installer Facts.

What’s an SEI Registered Installer?

An installer registered with SEI means ONLY:

  • He/She is willing to participate in the scheme
  • Has a valid tax clearance certificate
  • Has agreed that in the event of a dispute that they will resolve it by means of arbitration.
  • Has agreed to have installations inspected by SEI

Only the last statement has any meaning at all to the customer. It only then has meaning IF SEI actually inspect the installation. I wonder how many installations are fully inspected. I must ring up SEI and ask what is the level of inspection and what are the inspection criteria.

If you have a good and trusted plumber installer, prevail on him/her to get themselves registered with SEI.

It is dead easy GO ON – GO ON – GO ON.

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Pellet Stoves

The “Contessa”

This is the Contessa it comes is two different finishes and has up to 7.5 Kwt output. It sells for 59,999 Kcs plus VAT. In Irish money that would be €2111 plus VAT.

Pellet Stove Fitting

A word on installing pellet stoves. This is a way simpler job than installing and commissioning a central heating boiler. The only messy bit is the flue, and because most of these stoves have a fan assisted flue system, even that is a fairly straight forward job. The fitting cost therfore should be no more than €150 to €200 max plus the parts for flue etc. When getting quotes, always ask a supply only price. Ask for the fitting price as a seperate quote, also ask for the price of flue fittings etc.

The more complex pellet stoves with a fitted boiler would have to be plumbed in and the fitting would be a little bit more expensive.

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Solar Power

Solar Panels

Although this blog is essentially about wood pellet/biomass heating, I have been doing some reading on solar power and solar panels. It is quite facinating stuff. Also I have been doing a bit of price reasearch in this area.

In the next few days I will post what I have learned and show a few price comparisons.

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This thing is BIG, as you can see from the photo. It is also very heavy, the smallest one weighs in at 340Kgs, that’s 744 Lbs for those of you still thinking in the old measurements. That takes some lifting!

This is a multi fuel boiler and might suit someone who has a supply of wood chips etc. from a joinery business for instance, or maybe a farmer who could shred and dry his own thinnings. Worth thinking about for the right person and the right place.

The HeatMerchants price I quoted is the full retail price but I am sure there is a bit of room on that. If you are thinking of one of these I bet they would be pleased enough to talk about the price.

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