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Nuclear Powered Ireland

The Irish Nuclear Discussion
has been
Opened Again

Ireland is again being asked to consider Nuclear Power as a future alternative. How can we think of bringing something so deadly poisonous and dangerous onto our Island. The volatile, unstable, and highly deadly waste we would leave to children, grandchildren, and future generations to deal with. There is the small but real danger of an accident like Chernobyl happening, which would leave the country uninhabitable for 10,000 years.

To spark some thoughts and discussion on the matter I have borrowed some photographs of the real victims of Nuclear Power from various sources on the Internet including GreenPeace. If the use of these photographs is any sort of breach of copyright I apologise, and will remove them immediately if so informed.

I am publishing the photographs to help focus minds on the dangers of a power source so deadly, so utterly poisonous, and so long-lasting, that the lands affected will be useless to mankind for thousands of years.

Please look very closely and carefully at the following photographs, and think of your children, and of your children’s children. Then think very carefully, is nuclear power worth that risk??

The Real Victims of Nuclear Power

May God comfort and heal these unfortunate souls.


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Ireland’s Oil Fields

s Oil Fields

Ireland’s Oil Fields offer more by way of opportunity than immediate and short-term benefit. The oil fields are small and can be very easily managed. The management of the oil fields will give constant and long-term sustainable employment prospects for thousands of Ireland’s residents.

Clean Crude Oil

The crude oil extracted from these fields is very clean and light oil and lends itself perfectly to the manufacture of diesel fuel for transport and heating etc.

Long Term Employment Potential

Again, as with the management of the oil fields, the extraction of the crude and its manufacture into end products offer huge potential for long-term employment.

I have obtained a photograph of a typical oil field, one of perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of potential oil producing fields all over Ireland.

National Treasure

Have a good look at this national treasure, which will outlast the Arabian and Russian oil fields by thousands and thousands of years into the future, and will additionally not contaminate the immediate environment or the planets atmosphere.

Typical Example of Ireland’s Potential Oil Fields


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Where are the New Oil Fields as Announced in the last blog?

I have been receiving requests for more specific information regrading the locations of the new oil fields as announced in my last blog which was posted just a few hours ago.

Above is a rough map of the country with oil well symbols in various places. These are not necessarily the locations of the oil fields. I have simply used the map as a graphical feature to illustrate this blog. Therefore, please do not take the map as literal.

The story has been met with a combination of reactions, everything from disbelief, to delight. I want to assure my readers that this is NOT a hoax. I am waiting for a photograph of one of these oil fields and I will post it right here on the blog just as soon as I get it.

Please stay tuned.


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Ireland Has Discovered New Oilfields!!!

There have recently been several reports of the discovery of oilfields in Ireland. Indications are that while these oilfields are not big in the global sense, they nevertheless offer collectively an independent and secure source of our own oil. The type of crude oil being produced is especially suitable for processing into diesel for transport and heating purposes.

This is great news for Ireland. Stay tuned for further news!!


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New Type High efficiency Solar Panels

A UK solar heating company was fined £40,000 for exaggerating the benefits of their solar heating panels. The firm claimed customers energy bills would be cut by 70%. The actual saving in their particular case was a mere 8%.

This is the first case of its type in the UK. The company was found guilty of misleading the public under the Trade Description Act.

The company’s directors were additionally ordered to pay £27,000 in costs.

Now if SEI went after some of the Irish profiteers and rip-off merchants in the same way, it would clean up the Renewable Energy Business in the Republic.

Irish buyers have a wide choice of solar systems and installers offering services. The prices vary a great deal. The dearest are not necessarily the best. The new type of vacuum tube high efficiency units offers much better results. Well designed and well installed systems win out over cowboy systems. Irish customers would do well to be wary and ask lots and lots of questions and get written quotations before making up their minds.


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I have just heard that Ireland (ESB) has recently refused to take any more wind generation capacity on to it’s grid. If this is true it is soooo completely wrong.

I understand that balancing energy is not an easy task and that wind is a fluctuating source, but Ireland has only a tiny – tiny fraction of it’s power from wind compared to some “civilised” countries!!!

In the meantine we are burning out precious peat bogs to generate power, and are discussing atomic power!! Is this madness or what???


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Lack of Joined-up-Thinking in UK also!!!

Mr. Norman Denning, who lives in the Horsham Council District area in the UK, was flabbergasted when he was told planning permission for a wind turbine at his home was unlikely, despite government encouragement and grants for such sustainable energy sources.

He had already spent £3000 on two turbines when he was told by the Horsham Council that he would not get planning permission for the turbines because the equipment might appear too prominent.

Gee – And I thought Ireland had the the world patent on the “lack of joined-up-thinking”


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